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  added by  Ja... for  Mistress Eman ++971505018649 on 15 May 2019

Mistress EMAN takes your breath away with her beauty. She is like a Top Model: tall, slim, beautiful flowing blonde hair, high cheek bones, sparkling green eyes. I spent a delightful sensual hour in her presence. She is a witty intelligent lady and great conversationalist. After a lovely chat we got down to some very sexy fun which I am not going to forget for some time. Eman is a very special lady. Treat her with respect and she will reciprocate in kind and provide a very sexy experience. Highly recommended.

  added by  Ma... for  Mistress Eman ++971505018649 on 15 May 2019

Body of a Goddess and a smile to die for, Epica is eager to please and offers an amazing experience!

  added by  Ar... for  Mistress Eman ++971505018649 on 15 May 2019

I had an amazing time with Epica. She provided all the services I required and she did them very well. She has amazing breasts that are enhanced but they felt great in the hands. Treat Epica well and you will have an “Epic” time with her like I did. She is great company and I will see her again very soon.

  added by  Ma... for  Lucy -New Arrived on 15 May 2019

Wonderful night spent with the lovely Lucy. A perfect GFE with a fantastic girl : very warm personality, friendly, intelligent, talkative, funny and much more. Very obliging and willing to please, fabulous attitude and brillant abilities… LUcy has a very sexy curvy figure, the smoothest skin, she gives the most passionate kisses and is very responsive… An excellent experience — truly first rate!

  added by  Bi... for  Lucy -New Arrived on 15 May 2019

She is the right size. I loved her boobs and the rest of the body. Of course, I cannot deny that female parts were the first that my eyes settled. She looks stunning in different positions and aspects. She was very sensual and made me feel very happy about our time together. I could see her at a higher level. But she was very giving and loving. I couldn’t have asked more from her because she did a fantastic job for those couple of hours that we had. I think that I will book her more times as I genuinely enjoyed her company and body.

  added by  Bi... for  Mistress Eman ++971505018649 on 15 May 2019

I booked her because her appearance reminded me of some blonde chick from the next door that I fantasized. Nevertheless, I couldn’t get anything serious or even not dangerous from her because she was interested in upper-class guys. This girl was different because she was very playful. I felt like she has a lot of desire to spend time in my hotel room because she knows how to please a man who desperately craves some figure like her even to talk. She has a very soft and beautiful voice. Even the smallest details about her were the best I could ask.

  added by  Ja... for  Lucy -New Arrived on 13 May 2019

I want to keep Lucy for myself! I was a little hesitant with no feedback or review but was blown away by her pictures. Well, I was even more surprised and stunned when Lucy opened the door because she is more beautiful and sexy. My jaw did drop! The sight of her wearing stunning black lingerie and the most warm welcoming smile and deep kiss and embrace left me breathless at the door.

  added by  Ar... for  Lucy -New Arrived on 13 May 2019

Lucy is both the sweetest and the hottest woman I’ve met in the business in many years. Full GFE and quality hour spent with an angel of a human being. I think i broke the unspoken rule and fell in love with her, hope she stays around. Such a pleasure, please treat her well. The booker @Diva is top notch! A+ all around.

  added by  na... for  Mistress Eman ++971505018649 on 12 May 2019

EMAN is a stunning woman who oozes sex appeal with a great personality and sense of humor. She listened to my requests and delivered on a long term fantasy to perfection.
What happened is between me and EMAN but if that is the last sexual encounter I ever have I will die a happy man.
Thank you so much EMAN, you are a superstar and five out of five is just not enough to score you.

  added by  na... for  Lucy -New Arrived on 12 May 2019

She looks like a doll but feels like a real woman. She gave me the best enjoyment that I might have wanted from a body of hers. The best thing was that I didn’t have to buy expensive dinner and then wait with a hard cock when she spreads her legs. Everything went quite fast, and I was able to enjoy the best two hours with her like with none else. She was the real deal for the best pleasure I might want from such a hot chick. She is very easy-going and at the same time high in the bed and kissing her was something entirely new.

  added by  ri... for  EMAN on 09 May 2019

She looked very real and sexy at the same time. Just like I imagined her in the pictures, but at the same time she was very approachable and didn’t waste my time. That was what I wanted to get satisfaction. Her long hair fits nicely with her busty body. I loved her striptease performance, and it was very convenient that the bed was near. She made everything very easy and enjoyable for me. She loves domination and numerous other things. I am sure that I didn’t explore everything. Perhaps I will do that in the next booking soon.

  added by  na... for  EMAN on 17 April 2019

I met Eman today, it was simply Wowwww experience. She is so hot yet adorable. Perfect killer in the bed. I won’t go in details but she provided 10 stars service. A GFE with a port star way, simply amazing. I will definitely see her again. And moreover she is also amazing to talk with.

  added by  ju... for  EMAN on 17 April 2019

It was completely a different scale of pleasure. She is an amazing girl in everything and anything you can imagine. She has a mixture of experience, personality, charming, hospitality and pleasure. I felt like a real king treated by real angel in the paradise. It is hard and tough to leave her place; you wish to stay there forever. Thank you my Queen!!

  added by  an... for  EMAN on 17 April 2019

Eman is surprising me and I feel she is getting better and better in every visit. She has been treating me like a king since the very first meeting and I think that’s the reason I keep visiting her again. Have never met anyone so often in my life. There is something special in you which attracts me and make me addicted. May be your personality or charm which I don’t know. It was my great pleasure to see you before my short leave and you just made my day. Take good care of you dear and will be missing you a lot. Kisses and hugs habibti 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  added by  fo... for  EMAN on 17 April 2019

She is fantastic and amazing. I never seen a professional like her in all aspects. I really was unbelievable she makes me crazy 😍😍. She is very delicated in talking way and chatting . I must meet her once and am sure after meeting her I will try to stay infornt of her door for ever 😚😚😚. Thank you baby so much. You are gorgeous awesome 😘😙😙😍💋💋💋👄

  added by  Da... for  review for Jessy on 03 January 2019

Perfection 🙂

  added by  Da... for  review for Riley on 03 January 2019

Amazing 🙂

  added by  kh... for  review for Mary on 29 December 2018


  added by  Su... for  review for Anal sex Nuru massage mistress girl Lulu on 27 December 2018

OMG!! What a beauty!! just came back from meeting this gorgeous girl for the first time and i couldn’t help but write a review. start off, great place, clean and safe, ! those pictures dont do her justice, perfect tan and amazing body petite but curvy, and full in the right places, she will make you feel like a beast. This exotic beauty is a sex bomb in bed, great in every position, feisty and a playful tease

  added by  Sh... for  review for SUSAN on 18 November 2018

She is real and very passionate. I couldn’t have wished anything more from her personality or body. I was first a bit suspicious if she will appear same as in the pictures, but the reality was that she was a great companion that I was missing. She is very womanly in her approach and also her body is perfect. She was proactive all the time, so I could enjoy controlling her and exploring different parts of the body. I would love to book her as she showed up on time and made the best time for my needs. I’m sure that she has many more tricks that I could enjoy with her.

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